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About Community Service Online

Imagine if you, or a loved one, can complete court ordered community service online anywhere you can access the Internet.

That means you will not:

* Clean toilets.
* Pay to travel back and forth to a job.
* Risk going to jail!

How? You simply agree to educate yourself. That's right! All you have to do is agree to take courses online and get smarter.

But this time you will not be graded. There are no papers to write, no tests to take. You simply have to "experience" online classes -- that you choose!

How Online Community Service Works

For only $49, Community Service Online will instantly connect you with a charity in your state that has pre-agreed to sponsor you. We will then provide you with access to over 2,000 courses to audit online at your convenience.

When you've completed your hours, your sponsoring charity will write an Official Letter on their letterhead confirming that you have fulfilled your court-ordered obligation.

To date, our clients have completed over 1,129,166 hours of service and -- we have NEVER had a Completion Letter rejected.

Of course, our service comes with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. You must be happy, or you get all your money back.

Why Our Customers Love Us

I can't tell you enough how convenient and helpful this program was to me. This past year I started having seizures thus,couldn't drive; and of coarse when you get "in trouble" you loose a lot & can be hard to get what you need done. Thank you again, Dawn Marie Kovacs.
Daniel B. is the best invention sinced sliced bread, with no car it was hard for me to complete my court ordered community service but this site made it all possible!!!!
Casey D.
I thought the services were excellent. I would definately recommend it to others. It gave me an oppourtunity to learn on alot of differenct subjects. Having alot of options was nice and it was convient to be able to be close to my children while i got my community service completed. Thank you.
Krystle A.
I thought it was a great new way of learning new information and getting back to old information too. I truely like it and thought it was a well learning experience. Thank you.
Michael R.
Community Service Online was a great way to fulfill my community service at my own pace and learn while doing it!
bayron a.